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Ragdoll Achievement - Walkthrough

  Times played:
Achievement number Title Description
1 100 Deal 100 damage per level
2 500 Deal 500 damage per level
3 800 Deal 800 damage per level
4 1000 Deal 1000 damage per level
5 1500 Deal 1500 damage per level
6 2000 Deal 2000 damage per level
7 2500 Deal 2500 damage per level
8 3000 Deal 3000 damage per level
9 3500 Deal 3500 damage per level
10 4000 Deal 4000 damage per level
11 5000 Deal 5000 damage per level
12 THE MAN Gain 7th level in 5 minutes
13 THE SUPER-MAN Gain 11th level in 5 minutes
14 FLY 10 seconds in flight
15 HI! Enter the game
16 COOL GAMES Follow the link More Games
17 PLAY Press button Play
18 BAD MUSIC Turn off music
19 CURIOUS Scroll the achievements
20 SCOUT Scroll the achivements to the bottom
21 IN ASTRAL Do not perform any action 1 minute
22 OUT Cursor(Mouse) over the border games
23 FUN Play the game more than 20 minutes
24 GO Clear the screen
25 TWITTER Follow on Twitter
26 FACEBOOK Follow on Facebook
27 BUG You have found a bug programmer
28 CHASE The cursor follows the dummy 2 seconds
29 LOVE Make love, not ragdoll achievement
30 SUNDAY Play game on Sunday!
31 SHERLOCK HOLMES Cursor over Dummy 3 seconds
32 MANUAL View guide of the game
33 PEGAS GAMES Play game online on Pegas Games
34 ACROBAT Dammy made flip
35 DANCE Relax, just dance
36 SUPER-HAND Dammy is hand flew 100 pixels
37 TELEPORT-TELEPORT From the teleport to the teleport
38 OSTRICH Head of dummy hit the floor
39 WITHOUT THE HEAD! Dummy lost his head!
40 SERIAL KILLER!!! Kill Dammy 3 times
41 HERE THERE GUYS Look titles
42 A LITTLE DARK Turn off the light by switcher
43 CATCH THE BOMB Blow up Dummy with a sticky-bomb
44 MARIO Fall in the teleport by a soldier
45 LORD OF THE SEAS Without hands and feet
46 CAPTAIN PIRATE Dummy without one hand and leg in the end
47 BEGINNING Gain first achievement
48 QUARTER Already 1/4 achievements open!
49 HALF Half of path, 50th achievement!
50 75% Last quarter
51 CHAMPION Open all achievements
52 COMMANDOS Gain all the weapons      
53 A BAD LANDING Fell on the floor
54 A BAD START Hit the ceiling
55 WALL Hit the left wall
56 REBOUND Hit the right wall
57 DESTROYED!!! Dummy is dead
58 WEAK BONES Dead after hit the wall
59 I AM MISSILE Hit the ceiling by the head
60 BOMBING Blow up Dummy by mine 5 times
61 THE RED WIRE Tear off limb by mine
62 BAD ENGINEER Dummy was killed by the bomb
63 TRAMPOLINE Dummy was killed by the spring
64 JUMPEE Spring 5 times in a row
65 ACUTE DAY Run against the thorns
66 ACUTE LOCATION From spring fall on spikes
67 CANAPE Dummy was killed by the thorns
68 IN THE APPLE Dummy was killed by the crossbow
69 HEADSHOT!!! Arrow to the Dummy head
70 ARROW IN THE KNEE Hit the arrow in the dummy is leg
71 GLUE Dummy was killed by the sticky-bomb
72 STICKY TROUBLE Sticky torn the limb!
73 FIVE STUCK Sticky-bomb 5 times in a row
74 GRASSHOPPER 400 damage only on springs
75 WOOD Dummy was killed by the saw
76 GRATER Dummy under the saw by 10 seconds
77 SALE Sell ​​5 guns
78 QUEUE 3 hits by the cannon for 2 seconds
79 CONVEYOR Put down 3 saws in a row
80 SIEVE Dummy was killed by the machine gun
81 SPLIT UP Part of Dummy flew to the teleport
82 A CAKE IS A LIE Dummy was teleported by 5 times
83 FINGERS Losing a hand by the Axe
84 THE PYRO Set fire to Dummy
85 HOT Burn the entire limb of Dummy
86 ROASTED MEAT Dummy was killed by the flamethrower
87 KAMIKAZE Hit axe to the head
88 WOODMAN Dummy was killed by the axe
89 FORCEMEAT Received 2 strikes with an axe
90 TARGET TENNIS Dummy was killed by the cannon
91 TENNIS Flight from the cannon to the cannon
92 MERCHANT Sell back the trap
93 TACTICIAN All traps by the round
94 AIR DEFENSE Dummy was killed by the rocket
95 MAGNET Two missiles hit the Dummy
96 EXPLODER Mine, rocket, sticky
97 10 10 seconds round
98 20 20 seconds round
99 ROUND 30 seconds round
100 FOR A LONG TIME Round more than one minute!

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